Global Bike Tour of Peace and Goodwill


This letter is to present to your attention a new project "Global Bike Tour of Peace and Goodwill". We also offer you to become a partner of this unique project.

In the XXI century, humanity has faced a number of challenges caused by tension in international relations, lack of mutual understanding between people of different nationalities and religions. Such global issues as environmental preservation, social stratification, and deterioration of physical and mental health of the population have significantly worsened in most of the countries of the world.

The project "Global Bike Tour of Peace and Goodwill" aims to show some new opportunities to address the urgent issues of humanity and environment.


Goals of the “Global Bike Tour”

1. To involve representatives of different countries along the route for the active usage of the Bicycle for sport, travel, health, commercial and other purposes.

2. To present our ideas and the technologies of Ambassadors for Peace, UPF International along with the goodwill of ordinary Russian citizens and peoples around the world to protect our planet from wars, conflicts, and contradictions to other nations.

3. To promote the ideas, values and experience of such global non-governmental organizations as "Rotary International" ( and "Universal Peace Federation" (  among citizens.

4. To collect donations and signatures for the Global project "Peace Road" (

The route of the “Global Bike Tour” is to hold from May 2017 to October 2018. It will pass through the following countries (see images below) and will be divided into several stages (Images 1, 1.2, 1.3).

Stage 1 (starts in Kazan on 1 May, 2017): Russia – Latvia – Lithuania – Poland – Germany – Netherlands – Belgium – France- Spane –UK.

Stage 2-3 starts from the ferry to the USA East Coast and further participants go by plane from the Los Angeles to China, then to Mongolia and back to Russia (see the image 1.3).

 In general, Global Bike Tour runs across 12 countries and stretches more than 25 000 km.

The “Global Bike Tour of Peace and Goodwill” will be held with the support of "Rotary international", "Universal Peace Federation" and other non-governmental organizations.

During the tour, we are planning to organize meetings with national and regional representatives of partner organizations, as well as briefings and presentations concerning development of cycling culture and support for the project “Peace Road”.

In separate sites of the tour, members of national partner organizations will be involved into the process. That will certainly raise their interest and motivation to realize main humanitarian ideas and to share our values of  Peace in the world and Healthy lifestyle for all people of Good Will. Simultaneously there will be collecting of information on the current status and further development of Cycling culture and Cycling infrastructure in different countries around the World. All the collected data will be provided in the book "the Bicycle culture of the World".

We guarantee biomedical support to the participants of the bike tour. The health monitoring will be conducted with the purpose to collect information how the long cycling trip influences on the psychosomatic changes in the body and the human psyche.


You will find detailed reports in special resources and in social networks. We believe that it will also help to maintain interest in the project and involve large numbers of people, including members of partner organizations, to the cycling activity.

What we expect from the project

1. The growing interest in our activities and strengthening of the image of organizers and partners of Global Bike Tour of Peace and Goodwill.

2. Thousands of people in the world being interested in using the bicycle in recreation, tourism and humanitarian purposes.


3. Encouragement, organizational and informational support as well as financial assistance to the project “Peace Road”.

Offer to our partners

We suggest you to consider the possibility of your participation in our project as a partner and provider of bike equipment for this unique world tour as the sponsor.

We are very interested in bike equipment provided by your company "Koga", especially in the model ” WORLDTRAVELLER 29" or “WORLDTRAVELLER-S”( with special logo of our project).We guarantee that our event will be a good opportunity for you to test and demonstrate benefits of your bike equipment in service and under various climate and road conditions of our Planet.

 13-16 June, 2017 the cyclists will participate in the world's largest Cycling forum “Velo-city- 2017”, which will be organized by the European Cycle Federation (ECF) in Arnhem-Nijmegen, Netherlands. Later, from June, 2017 to September, 2018 it will be held meetings with representatives of the local Cycling  societies , UPF regional officies , Rotary clubs (as they exist in more than 160 countries and connect more than 1.2 mln members worldwide).


We are ready to consider your proposals for advertising and promotion of your brand and company as our partner in the project "Rotary Peace and Good Will Bike Tour". We are looking forward to our cooperation for the sake of our mutual ideals of goodwill, friendship among people from different countries and development of cycling culture on our planet. 

Mr.Ildus Yanyshev, the project leader.

Ildus Yanyshev, born in 1961, is a lawyer by education , Ambassador of Peace. Family man and loving father of three children.

He is the  member of the Rotary club of Kazan (since 2004), ex-deputy of the Kazan city council of the 2nd convocation 2010-2015, the chairman of the Cyclist Association of the Republic of Tatarstan, the founder of the Center of Cycling culture "Velomania" and experienced international category cyclist.


He participated in various tours in Russia, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Holland, Cuba and many other countries. 

Команда проекта

Ильдус Янышев - Лидер проекта - инициатор и идейный вдохновитель
Гульнара Габдрахманова - Директор проекта, координатор
Виталий Трейден (г.Киров) - Визуальный ряд, брендбук директор проекта 
Дмитрий Самко - Координатор от "UPF" г.Москва
Марат Салихов - Участник проекта до г. Москвы
Дамир  Салихов - Спортивный консультант проекта, тренер"Планета Фитнес"
Гульнара Янышева - Директор программы "Медико-биологических исследований участников велотура", спортивный врач,К.м.н 

Айгуль Мирзагаянова - переводчик проекта

Айдар Ганеев - IT специалист, поддержка сайта

Партнеры проекта

"UPF" - Universal Peace Federation
"Rotary International", Rotary club - district 2220
"Казанская государственная медицинская Академия"

Союз Велосипедистов Татарстана

Трейден Медия Групп г. Киров